Baby Basics

This January, we welcomed the 5th baby into our family. We have a 13-year-old son, then our girls are 11, 7, and 5, so it’s been a while since we had a little boy!!! As I prepared for his arrival, I took a very minimal approach in the baby gear department. Since we are 150% sure he is our last, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes and baby items I knew he’d quickly outgrow. After 4 kids, I knew EXACTLY what we’d use and wouldn’t use for him, and even had a list of how many onesies, pants, socks, etc I wanted because we are limited on space in our home also.

Three years ago, we moved from a 2,200 square foot modern home in a neighborhood to a 1,400 square foot older country home on acreage to pursue our dreams of homesteading and sustainable living. So we drastically decluttered and streamlined our belongings. All three of our girls share a room, and the baby is in our bedroom with us, and he literally only has A CLOSET for all his stuff!!!!

There is NO ROOM for “fluff” around here… Meaning, our decor is scarce, and our kids don’t get just a TON of toys and random junk that takes up space. Everything in our home has to serve a purpose or it has to go. So for the baby, he only has a few things, and, guess what? He is PERFECTLY FINE!!! He doesn’t have a perfectly color coordinated gorgeous nursery with a changing table, hamper, and probably 75% of what “they” say you need off those registry lists. I even joke that all babies need is some diapers and a set of boobs and they’ll live 😂

Our top bare basic ESSENTIALS are:

• Some comfortable, easy on/off, weather approriate clothes (currently OBSESSED with this little tank romper from Lavendersun — affordable, sooo soft, wonderful breathable fabric for our hot Southern Oregon summers, and a lil extra roomy in the bottom for cloth diapered bums!)

• Carriers to baby wear — I’ve used the Moby and Ergo with the last 3 babies and LOVE them… The Moby is nice and snuggly for when they’re tiny (under 3 months), and the Ergo is great all the way up til toddlerhood! Much easier than lugging a huge carseat and/or stroller around!!!

• Teething must haves — We love the Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace and our Copaiba Essential Oil which are both natural remedies that work WONDERS for littles cutting teeth!!

• We also love our infant probiotics for a healthy belly, bumgenius pocket cloth diapers, and then we have a very small collection of teethers, toys, blankets, and our Young Living Seedlings bath supplies!

So, you can see it doesn’t take much for a happy, healthy baby! We save room, money, and are able to focus our spending on the quality few things that really make mommin’ easier!!!

What are your top baby must haves?