Here are Sabrina’s top quick tips for making fitness a part of your lifestyle ~

1. Time Management~ Make exercise a habit and allot a specific time to working out. Devote at minimum 15 minutes, most times you will go beyond that. Make exercise a non- negotiable, high-priority item in your schedule.. Treat exercise as if it is a lunch meeting or an important event you absolutely must attend.

2. View Exercise as Stress Relief~ Decreases the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones. Boosts the levels of endorphins/mood lifters. Healthy outlet for venting unhealthy emotions

3. Just LOOK at the Pros of Exercise~ 1. Look younger 2. Build stress tolerance 3. Improve attention and concentration. 4. Aid cardiac functioning 5. Protect against type two diabetes 6. Boost the feel good chemical 7. Prevent osteoporosis 8. Act as an anti-depressant 9. Assists productivity 10. Burn calories 11. Develop a slimmer appearance 12. Get in good physical condition.

4. Exercise with a Friend~ Exercising with someone whose company you enjoy can also make the time go faster. If you have committed to meet up with a friend at the gym for an aerobics class or at the nearby track to jog it may motivate you to keep your promise

5. Join a Fitness Support Group Participate in a community of people committed to fitness

6. Hire a Personal Trainer(If you can afford it)~ A personal trainer apt to give extra motivation. Its good to have an expert to help and advise you in your efforts. Trainer can create a customized exercise plan to fit your body

7. Incorporate simple exercises into your daily activities~ Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car so you get to walk a considerable distance to your office. Do stretching exercises every hour or so when you’re stuck in front of the computer.

8.. Take Pictures of Your Progress~ Take a picture of yourself and place it beside a picture of your ideal body. Put these on the fridge or some other visible place in your house. This should serve to remind you always.

9. Choose Enjoyable Forms of Exercise~ Select the types of activities you enjoy most. If do not like the feeling of being hot and sweaty after a workout, consider swimming on a regular basis. If you feel confined while exercising in a gym or at home, choose outdoor activities like walking, jogging, or cycling


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