Why My Kids Remain Nameless Online

It’s a question I get asked frequently, and one I was bombarded with when I had my baby boy in January. “WHAT’S HIS NAME???” Many people commented and messaged me dying to know what we named our little guy.

With a total of over 5K friends/followers on my various social media accounts, and unlimited access to my public sites to whoever feels like looking, I try to do everything I can to protect my family.

My husband and I have chosen to keep our kid’s names off of social media, for a couple reasons:

Autonomy ~ They are ultimately not my names to share. I don’t view my kids as possessions, they are their own little people with their own identities and personalities. I wouldn’t want my mother putting a bunch of my personal information out there, so therefore I don’t do it with my children. I always ask them permission before I post something about them, and respect their privacy and autonomy. Their names, I feel, are irrelevant to anyone but our close family and friends.

Security ~ We live in a dangerous world. You can try and sugar coat it and put your rose colored glasses on, but the fact is, there are some not very nice people these days… Identity theft, kidnapping, sex trafficking, and other horrific crimes against children are just a few of the things that concern me as a parent. The more I can protect my children, the better. Leaving their names off the internet, their location, their school, and any other identifying information are the things we’ve decided on to try to keep them more safe.

⬆️Big bro, big sis, middle sis, and lil sis (and baby boy of course lol)

It’s our job as parents to protect our kids, and something as simple as putting their names on social media could potentially have dangerous implications. I’d always rather be overly cautious and have nothing happen, than have something happen because I was careless.

So, all this to say, as much as I’d LOVE to share their names, and am delighted to with people I know, we are standing by our decision to keep them nameless on social media. 😊

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